New Classes in Development

Hello all! I haven’t forgotten about you. The recent training I’ve attended has provided enough new material that I am re-planning how I teach my classes, and this has taken some time. I have over a month’s worth of notes! As Fall approaches, I finally feel ready to begin sharing this practice once again. I will be announcing my new classes shortly, so watch this space! (You’re also welcome to join my mailing list by sending me an email at and I will notify you of the newest classes when they arrive.)

Many thanks!

Spring Break

There will be an extra make-up class for this session on April 4th due to the snow day we had. All my current or past students are welcome to attend. After this session concludes the classes will be on hiatus for April and May as I travel to Taiwan, resuming during the summer. You are welcome to send me your contact information (at and I will let you know the dates of the new session when they have been set. A energetic and peaceful spring to everyone!

Snow Policy

It is an chilly day indeed! I will still hold classes today, but I understand if anyone cannot make it due to the weather. I will schedule a makeup class for those who cannot attend tonight.

My foul weather policy is to continue classes unless there is a severe difficulty in which case I will post about it here and email all my classes. You are also welcome to send me an email ( if you are unsure.

Remember to make your movements smaller and slower in the cold and to walk carefully.

UPDATE: the make-up class will be on April 4th.

New Classes on February 21st

A new series of classes will begin on February 21st.  There will be a beginner class at 6:30pm and an intermediate class at 7:30pm (for those who have already completed the beginner class).

Please email me ( with any questions and to sign up!

Locked Doors

It appears that while I was teaching my first Tai Chi class this evening, someone in one of the other offices in the building locked the door to the outside, preventing the beginner class from entering. I’m very sorry about this and any inconvenience it caused. I’m glad that many of you stuck around until I figured it out!

In the future I will put a sign out to hopefully prevent anyone from locking the door while we’re inside and I will put a phone number on my signs just in case.

If there is any cancellation of class, I will send out an email to notify everyone. If for some reason the cancellation happens on the same day as class, I will put up a sign on the building as well.

For anyone who wasn’t able to make tonight’s class, please let me know and we will work out a make-up class to cover the material.

Thank you all for your patience, and remember to feel your feet!

New Classes beginning January 10th

If you are interested in beginning to learn the Wu Style tai chi form and Energy Gates qigong, a new six-week class will be starting on January 10th on Monday evenings.  Please send me an email at to sign up and reserve your spot!

For those of you enrolled in the current tai chi class, a Tai Chi Part 2 class will also be offered beginning on January 10th.  Remember to continue feeling into your body over the holidays!

UPDATE: the Introductory Tai Chi class will be held from 7:30-8:30pm.  For those prior students interested in Part 2, it will continue to be held at 6:30pm.  Please email me to sign up  for classes now!