Locked Doors

It appears that while I was teaching my first Tai Chi class this evening, someone in one of the other offices in the building locked the door to the outside, preventing the beginner class from entering. I’m very sorry about this and any inconvenience it caused. I’m glad that many of you stuck around until I figured it out!

In the future I will put a sign out to hopefully prevent anyone from locking the door while we’re inside and I will put a phone number on my signs just in case.

If there is any cancellation of class, I will send out an email to notify everyone. If for some reason the cancellation happens on the same day as class, I will put up a sign on the building as well.

For anyone who wasn’t able to make tonight’s class, please let me know and we will work out a make-up class to cover the material.

Thank you all for your patience, and remember to feel your feet!