Classes and Location


No continuing classes are being offered at the moment. Please sign up for my mailing list to be notified when a new class begins.

Beginners and Fundamentals

Tai Chi

My classes are eight-week sessions in which you will learn the Eight Foundations set of postures in Wu Tai Chi. During the class I’ll focus on the main principles of Qigong, particularly Opening the Energy Gates, and how they are expressed in the Tai Chi form.

Wu Style Tai Chi is gentle but relies a great deal on increasing awareness in the body and mind. The principles and exercises within the Tai Chi form can be applied in many common life situations to work with physical movement and mental stress.

No previous experience is required, although you are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible.  The skills we will cover are cumulative.

These postures are a container for the Neigong principles that develop internal power and relaxation.